“Before everything else, preparation is the key to success.”

– Alexander Graham Bell.

Before your project comes to life, KSI will draft a clear roadmap outlining the who, how, when, and how much. We won’t deviate from the original plan unless changes arise that require attention, and we always consult with the client and offer alternative solutions before moving forward. Our goal is to make sure that our client’s projects run as seamlessly as possible. With that in mind, we highly value these four concepts:

  1. Close Interaction. Communication is key and poor communication is usually the cause for delay, which is why KSI emphasizes and manages communication between all parties. It is also why KSI’s leadership team is heavily involved in every project, providing that close interaction and high-touch experience with the client and partners, allowing us to exceed expectations. We also work jointly with the architects to ensure the designs are economically efficient so that our clients get the most value from the get-go.
  2. Preliminary/Conceptual Estimating. We pride ourselves on continual growth and expanding our knowledge base which allows us to quickly examine a drawing with limited information to estimate project costs and determine its feasibility within the budget. Even with missing pieces of the puzzle, conceptual estimating can provide the confidence to move forward or in a different direction.
  3. Value Engineering. We are not opposed to thinking outside the box. In fact, we embrace it. Our team will research the list of materials to be used and perform due diligence to ensure that materials are high quality and the most cost-effective for the project, finding the best value for our client’s budgets and eliminating waste to allow for informed purchasing decisions.
  4. Scheduling. We don’t just create timelines for our clients, we anticipate potential future conflicts and the delays they may cause and factor them into the schedule. Forethought allows us to plan for and mitigate these potential obstacles so that we can stay on task and on time.