Post Construction

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”

– Stephen Covey

At KSI, we’ve gained a certain reputation – one of diligence, decisiveness, and determination, which is why we’re proud to receive most our clients through referrals of our past and current partners. This is because our service is unique, personalized and consistent from start to finish with as much emphasis placed on post-construction services.

  1. Punch List Completion.
    Once we complete a project, our project manager performs a final walk-through with the owner and architect, noting any need for alterations or repairs and immediately remedying those issues. During this walk-through, we confirm with the client that we have met all requirements and obligations. No detail goes unnoticed because client satisfaction is imperative.
  2. Close Out Documentation.
    Upon completion, KSI provides the client all documentation including O&M manuals, As-Build drawings, lien waiver documentation, facility training documents, warranty information, the Certificate of Occupancy and more. With our emphasis on transparency and communication, KSI carefully maintains these records from Day 1 for easy access and reference post-construction.
  3. Building Operations Training.
    In coordination with the installers of major equipment, KSI will provide training to the building operations staff to allow proper functioning of all business systems.
  4. One-Year Warranty Walk Through.
    KSI guarantees a one-year warranty on all projects and will remedy issues that arise during that time to meet the client’s expectations. With the majority of our business referral-based, we want our relationship post-construction to be as strong as during construction.