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construction simplified To ensure that each project runs as smoothly as possible, KSI understands that proper planning can make a large impact on the overall level of service provided. Therefore the focus is on putting the proper steps in place to get things started the right way.
    Close Interaction. KSI's Pre-Construction Services offer tremendous benefits to its clients. By working closely with the architect to make sure the design is economically efficient, KSI ensures that clients are getting the most value from their construction project before it is built.

    Preliminary/conceptual estimating. KSI's knowledgeable team can examine a drawing with limited information and accurately estimate project costs by using a combination of industry experience and communication with the design professional.

    Value engineering. KSI takes the project's list of pre-selected materials and performs extensive research to identify if there are similar items that would be a better value for the project. Once opportunities are identified, they are presented to clients so they can make informed purchasing decisions.

    Scheduling. Clients receive detailed and accurate project completion timelines. Before creating the schedule, potential conflicts are identified and resolved to ensure that the desired completion date is met.

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